Cayla Jewett, M.S.

Molecular Biology Graduate Program


B.S. University of Denver, Denver


Project: The roles of membrane trafficking pathways in apical lumen formation.


I like:  Rock climbing, skiing, hiking, traveling and jigsaw puzzles


Ke-Jun Han Ph.D



B.S. Tongji Medical University, WuHan, China 

Ph.D. Beijing University Health Center, Beijing, China



1) Post-mitotic inheritance and roles of the midbody

2) The role of Rab40c in regulating cell migration 

Emily Duncan, B.S.

Molecular Biology Graduate Program


BS: University of Washington

Project:  How ubiquitination regulates invadopodia dynamics during cell migration.


I Like:  hiking, camping, going to concerts, basketball (go Blazers!), reading, collecting Adidas shoes  


Julia Ceglowski, B.A.

Molecular Biology Graduate Program


B.A. Colgate University, London


Project:  Determining the roles of tubulin modifiers in cell division.


I Like:  Camping, skiing, hiking, the office, singing in my car. 


Ezra Lencer, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher


B.S. Reed College

Ph.D. Cornell University


Project:  Molecular regulation of cell polarity and function during neural crest cell migration.


I Like:  Books, hiking, cooking, fishing and helping people register to vote. 

Huxley photo.jpg

Huxley Hoffman, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher


B.A. Oberlin College

M.Ed. Regis University

Ph.D. University of Denver


Project:  Molecular mechanisms coordinating epithelial cell polarization, lumen formation, and ciliogenesis.


I Like:  Long walks, science fiction, coffee, karaoke. 


Glenn Simon

Ph.D. Student 2002-2008. Research Associate in Dr. Huntington Potter lab at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


Jian Jing

Ph.D. Student 2004-2009. Faculty at University of Michigan Ann Arbor.


John Shiel

Ph.D. Student 2007-2012. Senior scientist at Dharmacon Inc.


Carly Willenborg/Childs

Ph.D. Student 2007-2012. Clinical trial coordinator at UC Berkeley.


Dongying Li

Ph.D. Student 2008-2013. Staff Fellow at FDA-National Center for Toxicology Research at Jefferson, AZ.

Abitha Jacob

Ph.D. Student 2011-2016. Cell Therapy Process Development Scientist, PACT Pharma San Francisco.

Alex Blasky

Post-doc 2014-2016. Marketing manager at Thermofisher.

Anthony Mangan

Ph.D. Student 2012-2017. Post-doc in Dr. Heide Ford lab at University of Colorado.

Paulius Gibieza

Ph.D. Student 2015-2019.

Post-doc in Vilma Petrikaite laboratory at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences 

Eric Peterman

Ph.D. Student 2015-2019. Post-Doc in Jeff Rasmussen lab at University of Washington.

Erik Linklater

Ph.D. Student 2015-2021. Senior Scientist at PPD Laboratories, Middleton, Wisconsin.