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Huxley Hoffman, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher


B.A. Oberlin College

M.Ed. Regis University

Ph.D. University of Denver


Project:  Molecular mechanisms coordinating epithelial cell polarization, lumen formation, and ciliogenesis.


I Like:  Long walks, science fiction, coffee, karaoke. 


Ke-Jun Han Ph.D

Research Assistant Professor


B.S. Tongji Medical University, WuHan, China 

Ph.D. Beijing University Health Center, Beijing, China



1) Post-mitotic inheritance and roles of the midbody

2) The role of Rab40c in regulating cell migration 


Rachel Sachs, M.S.

Molecular Biology Graduate Student


B.S. Quest University Canada


M.S. University of Hawaii Manoa

Project:   Characterizing protein involvement in midbody abscission during cell division.


I Like:  Drawing, cooking, swimming, consuming media. 

Neumann picture for website.jpg

Andrew Neumann, B.S.

Molecular Biology Graduate Program


BS: George Fox University 

Project:  Understanding regulation of actin dynamics during cell migration.


I Like: Spending time with my wife, disc golf, pickleball, reading, and eating chocolate chips. 


Katie Vaeth, B.S.

Molecular Biology Graduate Student

Co-mentor with Matt Taliaferro laboratory


B.S. Saint Louis University 

Project:  Understanding the mechanism of RNA localization to the midbody.


I Like:  Skiing, Hiking, Running, & walking my dog Watson. 


Revathi Sampath, M.S.

Graduate Student at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Co-mentor with Arvydas Skeberdis laboratory


B.S. University, Chennai, India

M.S. University of Eastern Piedmont, Novara, Italy

Project:  To determine the mechanisms regulating breast cancer cell migration and invasion.


I Like:  To paint, Science Doodling, Forest walking and bicycling. 


Glenn Simon
Ph.D. Student 2002-2008. Life Sciences specialist at Thermofisher Scientific.
Jian Jing
Ph.D. Student 2004-2009. Faculty at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.
John Shiel
Ph.D. Student 2007-2012. Product Manager at Synthego Corporation.
Carly Willenborg/Childs
Ph.D. Student 2007-2012. Clinical trial coordinator at UC Berkeley.
Dongying Li
Ph.D. Student 2008-2013. Staff Fellow at FDA-National Center for Toxicology Research at Jefferson, AZ.

Abitha Jacob
Ph.D. Student 2011-2016. Director of cell therapy process development at Bayer.  
San Francisco, CA.

Alex Blasky
Post-doc 2014-2016. Innovation & New Market Development Manager at SomaLogic.

Anthony Mangan
Ph.D. Student 2012-2017. Application Scientist, Enzo Life Sciences.

Paulius Gibieza
Ph.D. Student 2015-2019.
Post-doc in Vilma Petrikaite laboratory at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

Lai Kuan Dionne
Post-doc. 2017-2019. Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis. 

Eric Peterman
Ph.D. Student 2015-2019. Post-Doc in Jeff Rasmussen lab at University of Washington.

Erik Linklater
Ph.D. Student 2015-2021. Senior Scientist at PPD Laboratories, Middleton, Wisconsin.

Cayla Jewett
Ph.D. Student 2015-2021. Post-Doc in Andrew Holland lab. John Hopkins University.

Emily Duncan
Ph.D. Student 2017-2022. Co-founder and COO in Birch Biosciences.

Ezra Lencer
Post-doc 2018-2022. Assistant Professor at Lafayette College.

Trey Farmer
Post-doc 2021-2022. Genomics Core Manager at National Jewish Hospital

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