We study the mechanisms mediating formation and maintenance of cell polarity. The main focus of the lab are several aspects of permanent and transient cell polarization that include cell division, cell migration and invasion as well as epithelial tissue morphogenesis. This means that our research is very interdisciplinary. We use experimental approaches that vary between structural and molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, electron and fluorescent microscopy and genetics. My lab's motto is to learn and use any available techniques or approaches that are needed to solve biological riddle. As the result, we also use several different experimental model systems: 2D and 3D cell culture as well as mice and zebrafish animal models.

For post-doc and graduate student positions contact the lab at rytis.prekeris@ucdenver.edu!

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ASCB Meeting
December, 2021


Just got NOA for the third R01 in the lab! Now each scientific direction in the lab (cell migration, epithelial cell polarity and ciliation, cell division and midbody function) has its own R01! Thank you NIDDK and NIGMS.


Congrats to Dr. Cayla Jewett with successful
completion of your PhD!

Congrats Paulius with publishing his work on Rab14 and cytokinesis in "Molecular Biology of Cell".

Congrats Cayla with publishing her work on cilia formation in "Developmental Cell".

Welcome Huxley Hoffman, new postdoc in the lab!

Congratulations to Ezra Lencer for getting his F32 funded!

Congratulations to Erik Linklater with successfully defending his PhD. Great job and good luck Dr. Linklater!